Thursday, October 17, 2013

State of sublime

This was written after college.
He he :)


Out of the chaos etched inside
New Way of thinking, a state of sublime
Renewal, redemption
This life is yours to form
Revalue and question, abhor the common norms

New mind, new life
Break away from standard thinking
Step outside the common forms

Break down, deconstruct what's on the Inside
Redesign what you dislike
Climb up when you reach the lowest point
You see the world through different eyes
Erase your old life, redeem your soul
Come undone, just let it grow
Dont waste it, consume it, convert reality
Give a life a facelift to fit your needs
This is the way it now feels,
Not what it used to be.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oh Apple

Ohh Apple!

Ohhh Apple!
You did fall from Grace.
yet you did gravitate.
And Newton shall forever be grateful

Then picked by an ancient doc
and given another 'emoticon'
put on the health's pedestal

Adam’s lump it is 
A bump it isnt
Guilty it said
'Guilt' there wasn't
Where is Lilith?
Lilith who teased Eve.
Serpent she became
Venomed it was.
Adam was doomed.
Eve was her second
Lilith was scorned
And hell hath no fury...

So it brings back to the hapless apple
Even the Baba-yagas poisoned them
Blamed for ages
Called the devil's fruit
When nature spiracle itself allows...
Apple is no fruit.

Doomed it was
cursed it is
Now the new doc says
it doesnt keep him away!

Benign, listless, lifeless
My poor apple, my poor myth
My poor his-tory, her-story
written, re-written, removed
How shall thou speak
When shall you speak
of your innocence.

These Lines

Can I capture your breath?
Can I capture the warmth?
Did I put you to an altar?
Saying, mistaking,
thinking and believing?
the naysayers be damned I think.
You are a queen! I think
Or at-least a princess!
And yet nothing remains still.
shall I be able to capture you in these lines?
can you feel the rhythm of these lines?
can you believe what I tried in these lines?
Did you feel I captured your breath within these lines
Did you feel I captured your warmth within these lines



Here's to a mystery, here's to life.
here's to her, and her myriad ways.
she came here, her dreams co-joined,
she shall do, her own means;
she shines, her face can shine too!
she looks so fine, enigmatic.
she carries, she believes, she cant be broken.
her laces are her own, and she braces herself.
her serenity, she is peace dove, 
a poet's muse, a disorder's balm herself.
take her to the altar, she deserves;
bring it on, celebrate her coming.
just see, see in your amazement!
See this beauty walking,
hear her talking
see her, believe her and her emotions.
and her sometimes confused thoughts.
she is strong, she is fine, in this strange land.
she'd cope, she'd be, she'd live in this strange land.
she is headstrong, she is unknown.
but she will be.
She knows it, yet wont say it, 
she seemingly will find her key.
don't ask her, just believe her,
her faith shall leap-frog.
she doesn't need to worry;
she will do, she will try, 
she will make her life happen.
she has everything she needs.
nothing can deter;
moreover she is creative, she cannot destroy.
Just believe in her, she shall find her occasion.
She will search her destination.
It is not destiny, its her own determination.
gaze in amazement, 
can she play with madness? 
Of course. She does.

समाज के ठेकेदार

समाज के ठेकेदारों ने बोलना शुरू कर दिया है

उनके तख़्त में थोड़ी सी भी आंच आती है तो वे विचलित हो जाते हैं, 

औरत अगर सशक्त होगी, उसका उत्थान होगा 

अगर दलितों की आवाज़ बुलंद होगी 

तो ब्राह्मणवाद-मौल्वीवाद का पतन निश्चित है 

अपनी गद्दी, समाज में अपनी शक्ति बचा के रखने के लिए बोल रहे हैं 

और उनका समर्थन कर रहे हैं वो - जो अपनी पत्नी को अपनी जूती पर 
रखना पसंद करते हैं 

अपने नौकर चाकर का शोषण करने, उनको उनकी ज़ात का कहने, 
उनको मारने पीटने में गर्व महसूस करते हैं 

और उनका समर्थन वो महिलाएं भी कर रहीं हैं जो अपने उत्पीड़न से 
समायोजित महसूस करती हैं 

समाज के ठेकेदारों ने बोलना शुरू कर दिया है...


Wrote this a few years ago:
And a few phrases that I rhymed here were used in the poem 'Stone Pelter', since it befits and makes that even more meaningful.


The winter chill and the brown pale earth
now little damp due to dew 

how I long for the sunny days and its hue 
while wearing a pullover over my shirt 

falling leaves, a scent of mist 

how do I endure the pain of a winter chill? 

Love was the only way, and it remains still 

I dream of beautiful days and twinkle in her eyes 
when she wrapped herself to me 
Like the winter skin 
warmth it brought, solace it was when u were near to me 

I long for that touch and that radiant eyes 

the sparkle and its balminess in that frosty morning 
bringing that glow to that bitter chill 
enough heat to get out of slumber after long, cold nights. 

And here it is here again,

the winter chill and its pale damp earth 
But now there is nothing left to dream about. 

longing for your touch, your breath, your skin on mine. 

I am aloof now, and not at all calm this winter 
I have lost my composure this winter 
I have detached myself this winter 
I feel acute apathy this winter 
your unconcern, this stiffness is bleeding me this winter 
Your indifference has left me wrecked this winter 
I lay dying, while u remain frigid, this winter

I Long for it

I Long for it

Your allure, with that animal magnetism, 

Your appeal, with that attractiveness, leaves me captivated 

With bated breath, I feel the charisma, enchanted. 

I am fascinated, I swirl around this force field, its magic! 

I am seduced to this magnetism 

you practice witchery, this attraction; 

This attraction is surely a work of a witch! 

the delightfulness, of holding you close, the desirability, and the sweetness of it, 

how I long for it!