Monday, April 30, 2012



Eyes cryin' again, in the rain

disguised, you don't see me again

can I hold on, and all that remain

Do I wanna get over you?

Do I wanna get over you?

Yet I am never at home;

And I am not alone.

I believed, by seeing in your eyes;

believed, that things are right, when I knew, they were wrong.

The brown pale earth, now little damp due to the dew

how I long for the sunny days and its hue

while wearing my navy-blue half-pullover over my shirt

A scent of mist

How do I endure this pain of the falling rain?

Love was the only way, and it remains still

I dream of beautiful days and twinkle in your eyes

When you wrapped yourself to me

Warmth it brought, solace it was; when u were near to me.

I long for your touch and that radiant eyes

The sparkle and its balminess during frosty mornings

Bringing that glow to that bitter chill

Enough heat to get out of slumber after long, cold nights.

But now there is nothing left to dream;

Longing for your touch, your breath, your skin on mine.

I am aloof now, and not at all calm

I have lost my composure

I have detached myself

Your unconcern, this stiffness is chocking me.

Your indifference has left me wrecked.

How can get over them, how can I be out of them?

My mistakes, I know I deserve 'em.

I haven't dried a long time,

let me;

My eyes are cryin' again,

and disguised! you don't see it again.

No prayers can answer me, my guilt wont let me free

living, n not moving at all,

this stubbornness wont lead me at all.

this despair, it doesn't end.

Even when all my brothers have died.

I have seen the valley n the crests n troughs
I have seen the guns, firing inside my belly

And here's my longing for forgiveness.

I am my mother's begotten, cursed son.

She protected me; didn't want me to be her another son.

Didn't want me to see the rifle in my hand

Didn't want me to see fighting

For the land; for a cause that lay betrayed

But what do I do?

Let me die my another death, let me sacrifice;

Let me martyr, let me bleed.

I cant think of love, your love.

I cant think of your tender touch

And the way you used to make love to me

Kisses and admiration 
and affection and the intimacy.

while stoning, I forget 'em all.

I forgot my father's words, didn't pay to my mother's needs

I died a long time ago;

I died and I thought of you when I did.

You tried to kill my love, the one I just sacrificed.

And yet I know, while bleeding; bleeding.

That I just lay dying, while you remained a frigid winter.