Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A not so befitting reply

(Wrote this to this pic)

I long for you.
Here, I search for you.
I am looking for you.

I think you will gallop,
Gallop these mountains
and you will break these chains

And you will come,
Come to me.

As I wait for you,
At my door-step, at my horizon.

Believing that you will come,
Come to me.

The sun and the moon and the stars
They all wait,
Alongside me,
Just for your arrival.

As I seek those days,
As my thoughts wander
As I start thinking of those 
summer days.

While there is gloom,
Inside the house, 
while there is gloom 
inside my heart.

While this world beholds.

I only wait for you.
To come soon,
For I am still a youth.
Just come, come to me.
I wait, I wait for you.

The valleys and the serpentine,
meandering springs, along with it all;
we all wait.

But that time never comes. 
But you never come.

what was yesterday, never came today;
It never became today.

you walked away, and I just stood here
But you never came again.

This beauty, this serenity, you never came here
you didn't see, you didn't believe.

And here I am, looking through the horizon,
through the meadows and the fields, 
looking and anticipating in daze.

All that I can say is - how could you?
All I could say is - Fuck you!
All I can say is - I cant believe it.
All I can say is - you had some courage.

you left what was beautiful and serene and nice.
You left all life beckoned you.

But you left.
Yet you left.
yes you did.

May this courage stay with you.
May your destiny finds you.
May my good wishes stay with you,
Even if it means
In vain, I wait for you.
In wait I cry for you.
In love, I still believe in you.
In despair, I still find you.
In deed, I still do.
In all, I become.
With it all, I persevere,
I live.
I do.
Do the best, I can be.
I live,
I do.
In the best way I can 
I do.
In the strength,
I cope.
In Life,
I find.
I'd know,
I'd become.
I'd find
What I want.
What makes me,
What beckons me.