Sunday, March 17, 2013

Your unsaid lines

Your Unsaid Lines

The sadness it bears, your unsaid lines,
the unshaken certainty that devour,
the sadness of it,
it is expressed, yet still unexpressed.
I feel the sadness, its me, I could shed your tear, I know.
I felt the sadness of it. I am aware, whether you believe it.
Where was solace?
Was it lost?
Was it shelved?
Is it out of reach?
Where is it?
Is it untouchable?
Longing for a significance of this, is me.
Longing for a comfort is me.
Longing to be a sage in me, dying to unravel is me, longing that you don't feel this penance, is me. 
Longing n fearing, n yet confident, of not letting you feel depressed, is me.
Mystically, beholding the truth,
the naked truth.
How do I find it here,
is the quest.
Is still me.
Asking for trust, is me.
An overwhelming believing, of u, is in me.
To comfort, is me.
Trust me, its me.
Magically, u, are so already so much me.
Magically, what u endure, is so much me.
I can't hurt, its me. I feel you. Its just me.

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